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When there is a problem with the communication in a relationship lots of issues arise because good and effective communication creates a sense of closeness and love between you and your partner. Communication problems often lead to broken relationships, which is why we will discuss below a few ways which we can cope with those problems.

  1. Communicate Often: Make out time for your partner and have them do the same for you. Share your feelings with each other and also make an effort to find out about the little things that go on in your partner’s everyday life. Don’t underestimate the power of simple questions like, “How are you doing today?”, “How was your day?” or “How is your day going?” etc. These entail that you are genuinely concerned about your partner and his or her daily affairs. After all, it’s the little details that matter. But be careful not to overuse these questions so that they don’t lose their value. Whether you and your partner are in the same location or not, call and text often (not too much) to know how your partner is doing. This fuels the intimacy between you both.
  2. Listen Carefully and Attentively: We are now faced with a sad reality in which technology has brought us closer to those that are far away and made us more distant from those that are closer to us. Avoid having this kind of attitude in your relationship. Whenever you are talking to your partner, discontinue any action that could interfere with the process. If you do not do this, you might miss the real message in your conversation which might cause you to react wrongly towards your partner, thereby creating or adding problems to your relationship.
  3. Be Bold And Confident Without Being Aggressive: In doing this, keep in mind that this does not give you the freedom to be selfish in your relationship. Take your partner’s emotions and needs into consideration but also be bold and unashamed of telling your partner exactly what you want. Don’t assume that your partner will know everything that goes on in your head.
  4. Respect Your Partner: If you want to have a happy relationship, avoid treating your partner with disrespect or seeing him or her as inferior. Whoever you decide to spend your time with deserves your respect. Don’t silence the voice of your partner, making him or her feel helpless or unable to approach you with important issues. Doing this gradually kills the communication in a relationship.
  5. Do Not Communicate With Anger: Trying to have a conversation when you and your partner are angry could make you say a lot of hurtful and regrettable things to each other and create huge tension in your relationship. What you should do instead is to take a break in order to calm down and suggest that you both have the conversation at a later time. Don’t make the break too long, so that your partner doesn’t start to feel as if you are giving him or her the silent treatment. This is why it is advisable to communicate regularly so that when you find yourselves in such a situation, your partner will know what to expect.

No matter what stage your relationship is in, there are bound to be problems along the way. But good and effective communication goes a long way in solving most of these problems.

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