If you’ve got dark clothes and you don’t know how to wash and keep them from fading, then this is certainly for you. Follow these simple tips to prolong their lifespan. These are proven ways.

• Always Read The Label

People often make this mistake. Before cutting that itchy tag off that new garment, endeavour to read the washing instructions. The tag is there for a reason. And that is to help you keep your clothes in their best shape. But if the tag is long gone, no qualms, I’ve got you covered. Keep reading.

• Sort By Color

This is one essential thing you should never overlook when doing your laundry. You don’t just gather all your dirty clothes and wash them together. Make sure you take the extra time to separate them. By doing so, it sustains the lifespan and quality of your garments. Don’t wash light colors with dark colors. This will make the light-colored ones to become dark and then cause the dark-colored ones to have a layer of fuzz.

• Sort By Weight

Washing light fabrics with heavy fabrics, using the delicate setting, can cause damage to the fine items and do a poor job cleaning the heavier fabrics. Mixing fabrics, colors, and very dirty items with not-so-dirty can have disastrous effects. So sort like items by color and weight. Endeavour to wash accordingly.

• Turn Your Dark Clothes Inside Out

Aside from the fact that this can be done in a twinkling of an eye, this also will make a big difference in sustaining the lifespan and quality of your dark clothes. Flip your dark clothes inside out to shield them from agitation or tumbling which breaks down the fibers and causes them to appear faded. This will also aid the front of the clothes to have direct contact with your detergent and avoid the risk of snagging with buttons or zippers.

• Choose The Right Detergent And Use The Right Dose Of It.

Keep off detergents with bleach alternatives when washing dark clothes. Use detergent that can tackle the stains that show up in your laundry hamper, whether they’re stains from oil, dirt, or red wine. Use the right dose of detergent. If you realize that there is less than a normal load of laundry being done, don’t use too much detergent. Using an excessive amount of detergent on a small load will over work the clothes.

• Wash In Cold Water

Now this is also one essential thing you shouldn’t neglect when doing black laundry. Water temperature really matters! For dark clothes, make use of cold water. By doing so, it helps keep the fibers in black fabrics from breaking and losing their color. Hot and warm water break down the fibers and are harsher on your clothes, and this, often leads to shrinkage. But cold water saves energy; it is certainly eco-friendly!

• Shorter Cycles

Your wash cycles should be short. Less washing = less fading = no more faded black shirts, no more faded black skirts, no more faded black shorts, no more faded black gowns, no more faded black trousers! Endeavour to inspect your clothes to see how dirty they are, and adjust the soil setting, use the light-soil setting when possible because it’s gentler on fabrics than the medium- or heavy-soil setting. Use the shortest cycle possibly needed to get them clean. As aforementioned—less time in the washer equals less fading.

• Hang Dry Or Lay Flat To Dry

Drying is another important step that should not be carried out nonchalantly. When drying dark clothes, the heat from the dryer can be an enemy depending on your garments material. A layer of fuzz can be created onto your clothes and that takes away their color. Yes. Yes. Yes. Tumbling in the dryer with other clothes roughens up the surface of the fibers, creating a halo of fuzz that catches light and makes dark clothes appear faded. To avoid this, simply hang dry or lay flat your dark clothes to dry. Be sure that it is not drying in the sun as the natural light will cause them to fade. If at all, do not leave dark clothes out in the sun for too long.

• Don’t Wash Every Damn Time!

Yes. You saw right! Do not wash your dark clothes every damn time. This one is pretty simple. Wearing a garment more than once before washing won’t harm anyone! Only wash when necessary. You can always hang them to catch some fresh air before wearing again. Yes!

• Invest In Undershirts

Another great tip is—wear an undershirt. This is one great trick to prevent you from doing laundry every now and then; often sending your dark clothes off to the dry cleaners. Undershirts are great options, they prevent sweat stains while providing a comfortable fit. Thus you can get more wear out of your tops or dresses!


• Natural Ingredients Time!

Let’s first talk about using salt when doing such laundry. Salt is one versatile natural ingredient; it can be used in multiple ways when it comes to stains and laundry! You can simply stop the fading of your dark clothes by using regular salt. The chloride found in salt really helps in preserving the color. 2 spoonfuls are okay.

Alright, let me introduce to you—LEMON! This is one awesome natural ingredient! It’s juice is so powerful that even your most faded clothes can come back to life when you use it.

Another natural ingredient I’d like to talk about is Vinegar. It also works wonders as there are many benefits using this ingredient. It doesn’t only help to sustain the colour and quality of your garments but also takes out any funny odour. When you purchase a new black garment, think about soaking it in vinegar before putting it to wash. For dark clothes, a cup of white vinegar is okay. And do not worry, your clothes will definitely not come out smelling like vinegar. Yes, it’ll be washed out from the cycle; it will disappear when the clothes dry. Vinegar simultaneously works as a natural fabric softener.

Now, this list won’t be complete if I don’t mention Coffee. So, COFFEE! Yes. Yes. Yes. Coffee is one fine natural dye for dark clothes. Just brew two cups and add them to the wash, not in the detergent drawer. And don’t forget—this is not meant for bright colors, so always double check that you only have black clothes in the wash.

Thanks For Reading! Follow these tips and have your dark clothes sparkling 24/7. Looking dope is good business, you know. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section.

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