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“Try absolutely weird stuff you have never done before, if it’d almost completely erase him off your mind.”

Fareedah recalled Eno’s words as she made her way into the bar. The heartbreak really took a turmoil on her.
She had refused attending lectures, deprived herself of food, personal hygiene and sleep. Crying herself to stupor.

So, tonight, she was in for wild fun – getting drunk and possibly, having sex with some random guy and then have him tossed aside like a discarded chewed gum, just like Bello did to her.

She slapped her palm over her forehead in frustrated irritation. Here, she was having thoughts about who she wasn’t supposed to.

Fareedah was putting on a skimpy black gown she borrowed from Eno which brightened her fair complexion, hugged her hips and butt, and displayed quite a great deal of her long toned legs. She was beautiful and glowing like gold, freshly out, from the fire after it’s refinement.

She was being stared at, the way men where supposed to stare at a woman and she felt good, in control. Thankfully, she’d taken Eno’s advice to take her turban off and let her long hair down.

Her eyes met another pair of eyes, probably those cat-like eyes had been fixated on her the whole time from the moment she stepped into the bar. Something unusually painfully sweet settled in the pit of her stomach.

Several guys made advances at her but she declined them all, politely, and made her way towards the front of the bartender’s table top.

She took the front seat opposite the bartender’s table top and a bottle of beer was settled in front of her by the bartender right at that moment.

“From that guy over there.” Her eyes traced the bartender’s index finger till they landed on that same guy who’s stare had been drilling holes into her body.

She gulped as the guy stood up and advanced towards her.

“Oh Allah, save me.” Fareedah muttered under her uneasy breath which was about ceasing, out of nervousness, because the guy was so tall, fair and handsome.

Warm anticipation enveloped her whole being as they talked. She noticed his eyelashes were a little too long for their own good ; they even created shadows on his cheek bones. His eye brows where too thick and rough, plus his oblong-shaped nose and perch of beards.

Fareedah thought it was an insult to call him good-looking or handsome because he was beautiful. He had long large lean body and should be in his late twenties.

And when he smiled charmingly at her, Fareedah knew this was the guy she wanted to have a fling with or maybe – more. So far, she wasn’t interested in the other guys.

They had a couple of drinks and, a nice dialogue

“What’s your name?” He inquired, arching a brow at her with a small smile playing on his lips.

“Fareedah Abdullahmadu.” She said, her tone silvery.

“So, Fareedah, you wanna maybe get out of here?” He tilted his head foward and she needed Mohammed to save her from pulling him closer and pressing a kiss to his pink soft-looking perfectly-shaped lips.

She nodded and laughed into his chest. She knew it wasn’t required, but she had to shoo the guys away because they were waiting for her to turn him down and possibly try their luck.

And what she did worked because the guys got the hint and left.

They left the club and headed straight to his Range Rover sports car parked outside.

And inside his car, it took Fareedah a moment to actualize the fact that she was kissing him so hard and pressing her body against his. Never had she felt or acted this way, or probably because she was tipsy.

She giggled when he tore his mouth away from hers and pressed a beautiful long pedicured finger on her lips.

And when she thought he was going to kiss her roughly, he slapped a red piece of clothing across her nose and she abruptly became dizzy and lost consciousness.

She woke up with a throbbing headache and found herself naked and chained, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by thick bushes and being bitten terribly by mosquitoes and other insects. She was rendered weak and numb because of the drugs in her system.

The guy whose name Fareedah knew not because she was struck by his handsomeness and totally forgot to ask him, stood tall, naked and really handsome with an axe freshly sharpened like it wanted to be used to decapitate a goat.

Fareedah thought he was some handsome stranger who wanted nothing but sex from her, but it was too late to realize he was nothing but a human hunter.

Fareedah cried, she begged him to let her go, promised to please him whichever way he wanted, but her cries and pleas were futile to him. He wanted the money, and he was determined to get it.

He followed instructions : shaved her head bald with a broken piece of bottle, leaving bruises all over, shutting himself off from everything as he worked on her.

And when he finished, he raised the axe and cut her head off, instantly.

Blood gushed out uninterruptedly from Fareedah’s open neck and he placed a container for the blood to travel it’s way in.

He grabbed Fareedah’s head and shoved it into a bag when the blood had finally stopped oozing out. He wiped it with several thick towels before he took the chains off the headless body, rubbed Fareedah’s blood on his manhood, and slipped it into her vagina which had now squirted.

The headless body of Fareedah even had faeces on her anus from the impact of being decapitated.

She wasn’t the first, and neither would she be the last. But she really was a beautiful girl.

He let the thoughts slide as his thrusts became faster. He suddenly disposed his semen inside her and pulled his dick out when he was done.

The next day, the headless body of a female was found inside a sand dump with the vagina cut off as well.

People took shots of it, and had them posted on social media.

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