Just like the saying goes,”It’s either your clothes are working for you or against you,” but they’re always working. And that’s the reason you need to make sure that whenever they’re working, it should be in your favour. If you’re a short man and you follow these style rules, then trust me! Your height will never be the first thing people notice about you.

Rule 1. Stay away from loose fitting clothes.

I’m not saying you should wear skinny fit everything but short men definitely look best when they wear closer fitting clothes. So avoid too many bulky wears – they tend to dwarf shorter men.

Rule 2. Stay away from oversized details.

This mostly applies to smaller guys who are short and skinny. Mass manufactured garments usually have details that are just too big for smaller frames. Stay away from clothes that have extra details.

Rule 3. Invest in low contrast outfits.

If you’re wearing a lighter colored shirt, go with lighter colored pants as well. If you’re wearing darker colors, wear darker colors throughout your entire outfit. The key is to avoid stark horizontal contrast between your top and bottom halves.

Rule 4. Understand how the pattern game works.

Always invest in wears with vertical stripes – they make you appear taller. Horizontal stripes normally causes the opposite but if at all you want to go for horizontal stripes let them be thin and not thick.

Rule 5. Whenever it comes to accessories, always keep proportion in mind.

Glasses, ties, watches, etc. – always wear the ones that are proportionate to your size.

Rule 6. Wear height-boosting footwears.

There are certain types of footwears that have thicker soles and higher heels. Own these kind of footwears ; they boost your height.

Rule 7. Work on your posture.

Most guys have bad posture, especially if they work on computers all day. Correcting your posture will ensure that you’re standing at your full height, and it will help your clothes fit and drape more naturally.

Rule 8. Shop like a smart guy.

When shopping, go for wears that are actually meant for your build. Don’t just buy it because it looks fantastic, you should ask yourself whether or not it was specifically made for shorter men. Shop wise!

Thanks for reading. Hope this helps! Be back for more tips.

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