You have gained admission into the university.
You are finally leaving your villlage for the city.

You wipe your mother’s tears and assure her that everything will be alright.
She embraces you repeatedly and says: “Glory, my daughter always remember your name and do what’s right”.

You promise that you will make her proud.
You assure her, over and over again that you will never let her down.

But the instant you step into the university you forget all your promises as though you are suffering from retrograde amnesia.
In a twinkling of an eye, you start keeping bad company and this is how you meet Naya and Anastasia.

“Girl you need to upgrade”, this is what they tell you everytime.
But somehow you remember how your mother had warned you to never mess up your life.

They first introduce you to Clinton and persuade you to give him a try.
Well, you do well not to listen but this is not final.

Then they hook you up with Desmond.
Like it means nothing you finally give up your Diamond.

After Desmond, comes Gregory.
You are just distributing your glory.

You have suddenly developed a phobia for dark skin.
You eventually decide to wash off all of your precious melanin.

Your name is no longer Glory but “Glow”.
You now look totally different from head to toe.

You no longer visit your poor mother.
You have forgotten how she singlehandedly raised you, without a father.

You have forgotten how she had suffered so much for you.
Have you forgotten it is just you two?

It is no longer lecture halls for you.
But hotel rooms and dudes.

You now have drugs and hard drinks for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
You are gradually becoming thinner.

You suddenly start falling sick everytime.
You can’t comprehend what is going on with your life.

“You have contracted a very deadly disease,” the doctor tells you outrightly as though you have commited a heinous crime.
“It cannot be”, you assure the doctor that you make use of protection all the time.

The nurses try to be nice.
They assure you it isn’t the end of your life.

The news has spread like harmattan fire.
Where is Anastasia? Where is Naya?

People have started keeping away from you.
Everywhere you go, fingers are always pointed at you.

With you around, people are no longer at ease.
You can always hear them whispering : “Stay away from her, she’s got a disease”.

You visit other hospitals but it is still the same.
You try but you just can’t bear the pain.

It is a cold night. Save the rustling of leaves, the night’s silence is like temporary deafness.
Like a runway model you walk down to the Lagoon irrespective of the eerie darkness.

The pregnant clouds can’t help but stare back at you,
As though in fear of what you are about to do.

Eyes shut, you plunge into the water without wasting time,
Leaving your one and only behind.

If only you had fought a little more harder Glory,
Perhaps, I would be telling a different story.


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