Obiémwen (The One Who Protects)


A thick dew covered the forested landscape, it glistened brightly in the newly rising sun. The rust red cliffs seemed to radiate their hues down on the lush green valley below, creating the vision of fall colors on the leaves. The serene quiet of the forest was broken by a gentle blowing of the wind upon the leaves. Obiémwen, the powerful protector of Odihi kingdom positioned her sword, ready for battle.

She tilted her head upwards and saw the Eagle gliding through the air, spreading wings as broad as they were black. Its head white in the sunlight, as bright as the clouds it was gliding between. Its feathers as glossy as fresh paint. Obiémwen looked at the beak, it was as yellow as the buttercups that sprang over the mountain grass at her feet.

The Eagle suddenly plunged towards the ground. Obiémwen was in awe of the size and majesty of it. It was gigantic, compared to the normal size of Eagles. It had huge eyes and power was spelt in them. She had never seen anything like it before. The Eagle’s legs were like the trunk of an ancient oak. Its claws like the teeth of a sabre toothed cat. They seemed sharper than steak knifes.

The bird seemed somewhat strange and very powerful. It wasn’t an ordinary bird but Obiémwen was not deterred. She wouldn’t let it attack her kingdom again. She was going to kill it and take its head to her people. With a face fierce like a firestorm, she swung her sword up and advanced towards the enormous creature.

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