Theme : Start a story with ‘The night she died’.


The night she died, Tania was devastated. She was the only family Tania and her little brother had – in the world. She was their late mother’s youngest sister. Tania’s mother and her siblings had all died the same way – mysteriously. No trace of any health problems but they had all died in pains. Every six years, on the sixth day of June (the sixth month) one person from their family died once it struck twelve.

Tania and her little brother Tyson were the only ones left. She knew her family must have been perhaps cursed. Tania sat in her room as she reminisced on the things that happened the very night her aunty died, six years ago. She could remember how desolating it was. Her aunty had complained that it felt as though she had been tied up and set ablaze before she died. Tania could still remember the strange words that were written all over her body in blood that

night. “ÓKAK AMVAKEN” were the words. She still couldn’t find out what they actually meant.

Every midnight she saw a female figure by her window. No matter where she and her brother went the figure still followed. It must have been a demon. No one was able to solve the mystery. No exorcist was able to cast out the demon that always lurked around their home. It must have been a very powerful one. It intended to wipe out an entire generation.

It was June already and it was four more days until 6th. “Who is next?” Tania’s heart pondered. “It’d better take me and leave my brother alone.” Tania wondered why it seemed different this time around ; it was four days until 6th and none of them had fallen sick.

Tania was taking a stroll down the street one afternoon when she noticed a young lady staring at her. She became uncomfortable and fastened her pace.
As she shut the gate and was about to leave for work the next day, someone touched her from behind. She was startled. It was the same lady she saw the previous day.

“Who are you? And what do you want from me?” Tania glared at her. The lady smiled and said : “My name is Elizabeth but you can call me ‘The Demon Hunter’.

It all made sense to Tania now. “I think my family is cursed. We keep dying. It’s just me and my brother left. I think there’s a demon living in us. It wants to wipe us all out.”

‘Yes’ Elizabeth said. “I saw it behind you yesterday.” Tania was shedding tears already. “This is no time for weeping dear. This is exactly what it wants. But you have to get up and fight this thing until it has been cast into the abyss of no return.”

“I have tried so many times but nothing works,” Tania said amidst tears. “I have paid so many exorcists to come and help out but nothing.”

“They are too focused on casting the demon out of your lives that they usually fail to realize they have to find out the reason it is actually there first,” Elizabeth said. “They are probably just after your money.”

Tania decided to give Elizabeth a try because she seemed so different from the other exorcists she had invited in the past. She seemed stronger and more confident.

One day until the sixth day. Elizabeth and Tania were still doing research. When they researched on the strange words “ÓKAK AMVAKEN” they didn’t get any vital information – the findings were not related to demons or ghosts. “ÓKAK” was just a place in Northern Labrado. “AMVAKEN” didn’t have an actual meaning.

“Tanny what if they are Anagrams,” Elizabeth suddenly said. “Oh my! Yes Betty let’s spell them backwards and look them up on Google.”

When they were spelt backwards, they turned out to be “KAKÓ NEKAVMA” which translates to BURN, EVIL. It started making sense now.

They did more research and found out there were other families that had been experiencing similar death. They made further enquiries and found out that almost a century ago a young lady was accused of witchcraft. She was tied up by some families and burnt alive. All they kept shouting while they set her ablaze was “KAKÓ NEKAVMA!” ie “BURN EVIL!”

She placed a curse upon those families before she died. And unleashed a demon upon them. Tania couldn’t believe it. Elizabeth searched further and found out that for the curse to be lifted someone from the family must be sacrificed otherwise they’ll keep dying every six years. Sins of the forefathers. Tania began to cry. Her grandfather had greek descent. She was knocked side ways ; she had no idea what to do anymore.

Elizabeth tried to get her to stay calm. “Tomorrow is 6th, buckle up, get Tyson and let’s get over with this demon already. No one is dying tonight.”

It was almost midnight. Elizabeth had drawn a circle and they were all in it. Afterwards, she muttered some words and a dark shadow appeared. It looked devilish and malignant. It was in the form of smoke. It tried to penetrate the circle but it couldn’t. Tania felt goose fever all over. Tyson trembled. She told Tyson to shut his eyes and never open it until all this was finally over. But Tyson was so scared that he suddenly ran out of the circle to his bedroom. Tania screamed amidst tears “No! Tyson No! come back.” The shadow had already gotten hold of him. Elizabeth attacked the shadow with an exorcism object but it refused to release Tyson and knocked her out.

It was already taking Tyson away when Tania fell to the ground and shouted “Wait! Take me instead, I sacrifice myself to make up for what they did to you.” The demon suddenly dropped Tyson, came towards Tania and grabbed her. Tania smiled at Tyson who was still lying on the floor and said “I love you little brother, stay well”. Tyson got up and ran towards his sister but before he could get to them. They had vanished.

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