As a fashion consultant, I’ve been getting quite a lot of questions on how best a skinny guy can dress to flatter his body. I’ve finally decided to share with you all, in details, powerful style tips—that work wonders. Well, you won’t end up looking like ‘Marvel’s Hulk’, but these tips will absolutely make a great difference. Trust me.

Some skinny guys work out, try to build their fitness. However, if your gains are slow in coming, or never come at all, you don’t have to wait. You should always dress to flatter the body you have right now, instead of pining for a body you hope to have in the future.

Now, let’s move.

One big mistake most skinny guys make is wearing oversized clothes. They often try to hide their frame by wearing larger clothes, thinking they’ll look larger themselves. But what they don’t realize is that their slender physique is further emphasized, making them more scrawny.

You’re probably thinking right now : do we go for skin-tight then. Well, the answer is “NO”. Skin-tight clothing, too, tends to accentuate your slender frame, by attenuating pretty close, literally wrapping itself around your body.

These are the reasons you should go for the moderate size. Yes, moderation is key. Go for something that’s not too large and not too tight. Just the right size!

So what then is the ideal fit?

Your clothes should drape over your body, following your frame closely without billowing or stretching anywhere.

Ok, chill. I’ll tell you more.

Let’s start from your shoulders. Pay special attention to your shoulders and sleeves everytime. The shoulder seam should always sit at your shoulder’s edge. When it sits past that edge, it gives the illusion that you’re slumping. Your shoulder seam going either beyond or behind that mark will make your arms look either too long or too short, respectively.

And then, if your sleeves are too capacious, you look like you don’t have enough arms to fill them out.

In similar fashion, t-shirts/shirts with large sleeves can make your arms look like chop sticks. Invest in t-shirts/shirts that fit somewhat tight around the arm. And if you want to roll them up, roll them up a bit, remember not to roll them all the way up your shoulder. That’s wrong! Don’t do that.

Now, to Jeans. Wearing super skinny jeans is a no-no. Avoid them. They won’t help you. They will only highlight your skinny frame more, making your legs look like canes. Too baggy aren’t recommended either. Yes. Also avoid them at all cost. What I would recommend anytime is the regular skinny or slim straight cut. Awesome!

For accessories: Abstain from wearing large accessories. Keep them pro rata to your frame. No bulky wrist-watches or wide ties. Trust me, you don’t need the face of your wrist-watch to cover your whole wrist.

Invest in jackets. Not your regular jackets but Suit jackets, Blazers, Sport Coats. They are certainly your best friends. Plus, they are amaze-balls. These jackets are designed to enhance the male form, making you look more muscular. You can instantly make yourself appear more buff by wearing them.

How come?

Well, they broaden your shoulders. Most of these jackets have padding that creates a sharper edge where your shoulder normally starts to slump down. This padding adds about half an inch on each side.

Suit jackets are made to highlight the aesthetic appearance of the male physique. Yes, by wearing a full cut suit jacket, you give your arms, shoulders, chest and back a pretty big instant boost.

Blazers and sports coats on the other hand can add more structure as well with padded shoulders. Light shoulder padding complements pretty well with these types of coats by giving your shoulders a slightly hefty look.

Clean-lined coats, double-breasted suits or a dual-button single-breasted coat with flap pockets are commonly used and highly recommended for a more bulky appeal. One thing you should always have in mind is : go for light padding every time. Be careful not to get jackets with paddings too large for you. Remember, moderation is key. It shouldn’t be over the top.

Quite alright! The universal sign of male strength is having V-shape. Now, good jackets will make you look wide in the shoulder and narrow down to your waist. And this highlights your V-shape. Do you know that the V-shape on your lapels enhances this effect even further. Yes, it does.

The jacket opens up from your mid-torso to your neck, allowing your shirt and/or tie to look through. This creates a contrast that draws the eye away from your slim waist and up to your chest, where you are broadest.

Now, let’s talk about wearing multiple layers. This is another trick you have to master. Do you know that you gain a bit of width with every layer you add. Oh yes, this technique works pretty well because the middle torso and shoulders are given special emphasis.

Now, to pull this trick off, first, you don’t want to just wear a number of thick layers on top of each other. Begin with something thin and light as the base layer and then start to add up something that’s a bit thicker and robust on top of it.

Be careful not to overdo this technique, as too much of it will only counterpoise your desired appearance. You can’t just put on three thick sweaters. As aforesaid, layer your clothes from thin to thick and from light to sturdy. Begin with the lightest fabric and get sturdier with each layer you wear on top of it.

And another thing to always keep in mind when mixing and matching so that the combined layers can always blend well and look harmoniously together is using the one-color trick—stick to one color group and keep the rest neutral. This is one easy way to avoid clashes when you’re not sure how to coordinate colors.

Many guys struggle with coordinating their outfit, but the simpler you keep it, the easier it becomes. And each layer on its own won’t add much, but when combined they can make a difference.

Going for the right fabric is another easy way to add bulk to your frame. That’s why you should invest in size-enhancing textiles. Yes. For you to look bigger, the type of fabric, texture and thickness are everything.

Everything that looks a bit rougher to the touch will suggest you have more body mass than you actually do. Textured fabrics normally throw out the illusion of having more mass than smooth ones; they add visual bulk to your frame.

Besides textures, you should also look at knitted clothes. They exude a coarser and bumpy look, which are all perfect in creating a sizable, chunky appearance.

However, when looking for these fabrics, make sure that their thickness is not overdone.

Do you also know that you can enhance your neck once you step up your collar game. Exactly. Strong necklines signal strength and power. Most guys think about their chest, abs, arms, and legs when they think of beefing up. Only few take their necks into consideration.

A sturdy neck is a sign of confidence and strength. Even Aristotle mentioned this in his works on physiognomy.

Now, to create this effect, go for garments with strong and firm collar. First, Turtle necks are the classic. However, if you aren’t a fan of those, then no qualms. I’ve got you covered, you have many more options. You can get collared sweaters and cardigans, both classic and modern. In fact, anything with a sturdy collar works.

Button up shirts
Polo shirts
Crew neck sweaters
Funnel necks
Zip necks
Shawl necks etc.

They are perfect for cancelling out or enshrouding your slim neckline breadth.

Now, you have to step up your color and pattern game. You are or were probably thinking—won’t I get all hot and sweaty wearing all this. I know right. We have different times/occasions/seasons. That’s why I’ll be introducing another solution: playing with colors and patterns. It is all about sight perception when it comes to fashion, including men’s fashion. Patterns and colors in fashion play a knack on every observer’s visual brain cortex. And every skinny gentleman should use this natural human tendency to their full advantage.

Let’s talk about playing with colors first.

As aforementioned, in casual settings, you’re most likely to go for a tee or lightweight shirt when it’s hot. It is actually okay, you can still do a lot to make yourself appear quite heftier.

We all know that darker colors have trimming effect; they make one appear slim or betterstill more slender. However, most people don’t know that lighter colors have the opposite effect. This is the same reason it feels like rooms with lighter walls have more space compared to the same-sized rooms with darker walls. Go for lighter colors like white, beige, cream, pastels. Yes. Wearing white (or other light colors) helps to boost visual heft.

For patterns : if you have read the previous fashion article I wrote for guys then I suppose you still remember what I said about patterns. If you haven’t, then no qualms. I’ll still talk on how the pattern-wheel works and even more.

Horizontal lines invites more depth and tone to your upper body – the pevs, deltoids, and lats particularly. For instance, wearing a t-shirt with horizontal patterns can make your chest appear larger and your shoulders broader. Because the stripes will be wider on your upper torso due to your sleeves, and this highlights your V-shape. Simply put, horizontal stripes make you appear bigger while vertical stripes do the opposite, so invest in horizontal patterns instead.

However, that’s not the only option. Checkered patterns, boxes can also add visual heft to your body, much in the same way that textures do. The smaller the scale of the pattern, the more it improves your visual heft and the stronger it makes you look. Checkered patterns look pretty cool and smart. In this case, go for meduim-to-small patterns like tartan, (micro-)gingham, graph checks, or tattersall shirts.

Before I conclude, let me tell your something you need to know about foot wears. Stay away from bulky and chunky foot wears. They will only contrast with your legs, making them even more emphasized on how skinny they (your legs) actually are. Go for more fitted shoes. Especially if you are skinny and quite short. Wear fitted shoes like achilles low, trainers, runners. Stay away from all those ankle shoes like Boots, Dunks, Jordans, Timberland etc.

To sum this up, being skinny isn’t a bad thing after all, trust me. But, like I always say—looking good is good business. As a skinny guy, go for the right stuff—stuff that flatter you. Just as a fat guy would also go for the right stuff for his size. By going for clothes that flatter you, you won’t just create a stronger image. You’ll actually feel stronger too. Try these awesome tips and see for yourself. And remember, you are not fully dressed without CONFIDENCE.

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