“It is finally here!” I said to myself, grinning from ear to ear. I needed to get to a quiet place and go through it properly. I ran to my bedroom and locked the door instantly.

I placed it on the bed and brought it out from the bag. I hadn’t even completely opened it yet and it was already giving off an exotic aroma.

“Gosh, this is all shades of heavenly,” I whispered to myself, as I inhaled deeply, eyes shut.


Damn! The stuff had almost slipped out of my hands. I turned around immediately and saw my mom staring at me as though I had committed a heinous crime.

“Mom! You startled me,” I said, with my eyes wide open.

“How did she even get in? I thought I had locked that door,” I said in my head.

“I have been calling you since. Will you go open the gate for your dad, this instant?”

“I’m so sorry mom.” I quickly placed the stuff beneath my pillow and then ran out.

When I came back, I met her holding the stuff – sniffing it, as though she had never beheld anything like it before. As if that wasn’t enough, she started applying it on her wrists.

“Mom! What are you doing? That’s my stuff!” I pouted and frowned; a deep furrow forming in my brow.

“Goodness gracious! What is this awesomeness I’ve been perceiving from outside?” My dad had walked into my room.

“Come, have a look darling,” my mom said. “Have a look at what your daughter has been enjoying since, and she never bothered to share. Stingy Cutie.” She stared askance at me and chuckled.

I scoffed. “Dad, please, I just got this.”

“Are you sure, girl?” He smiled.

“Ofcourse dad!”

“Perhaps, you’ve had it since, and you decided to hide it and not use it until you return to school.” My mom giggled.

“Gosh, mom, you guys play too much. It is obviously still new. Ok, there’s this course mate of mine, she usually assaults the senses of everyone in our department with her exceptionally delicious body fragrance. She always gives off this vibe that she buys the fragrance overseas and it is pretty expensive. I mean, who wouldn’t get such vibe, considering the sort of aroma it emits and how longlasting it is? And then last week, I approached her and begged her to show me the way.” I paused and grinned. My parents were listening attentively like students listening to a lecturer.

“Ok, she eventually introduced me to the perfume brand; it is known as PERFUME HIVE.”

“PERFUME HIVE?” My dad asked.

“Yes dad, PERFUME HIVE.”

“That’s amazing!”

“Oh yes! And guess what!” I said, grinning, with my eyes wide open. “PERFUME HIVE is right here in Nigeria!”

“Really?” They both said at the same time, gleefully.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Look at the package. Their designer-type perfume oils are top-grade factory uncut and Ethanol free! The sweetest part is, you can get a 30ml bottle of this goodness for as low as 6,500 naira and it usually comes with a free sample of another fragrance for you to try out. You can check mine.

“Wow,” my dad shook his head.

“Oh yes daddy, you absolutely don’t need to break a bank to smell so good. PERFUME HIVE is totally reliable”

“Tell us how we can reach them already!” My mom was already impatient.

Chillax mommy, you can get in touch with them on Twitter and Instagram @PerfumeHive. To call them – 0-8-1-2-2-5-2-1-9-6-2 or 0-8-0-9-7-1-6-6-2-7-4.

“Gemma,” my mom looked at me hilariously, with a serious expression on her face, “the next time you hesitate to inform us about delicious things like this, you’ll see what I’ll do.”

“Whatever mom.” Ok, that was lapsus linguae – a slip of the tongue.

“What did you just say? Did I just hear you say whatever?”

“I said whichever mom not whatever. ‘Whichever’ is for your elders and ‘whatever’ is for your younger ones.” I smiled mischievously.

“Whatever then,” she said and turned to my dad who had been watching and smiling since. “Fyi darling, I am ordering 5 different fragrances right away.”

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